• Deer Lake; Deer Lake,Nicholsville, Spillway, Reidsville, Cormack, Howley, and St. Jude's
  • Pasadena; Pasadena and Pynn's Brook,Little Rapids.
  • Bonne Bay South; Wiltondale, Glenburnie, Birchy Head, Shoal Brook, Woody Point, Curzon Village and Trout River.
  • Bonne Bay North; Norris Point, Rocky Harbour, Sally's Cove, St. Paul's, Cow Head, Three Mile Rock, and Parson's Pond.
  • White Bay South; Hampden, Pollard's Point, Sop's Arm and Jackson's Arm, The Beaches, Schooner's Cove, Rooms, Fox Point, Georges Cove.
  • Healthy baby club

    The HBC works with participants to:

    • Improve nutrition
    • Decrease incidences of smoking, alcohol and drug us
    • Raise self-esteem
    • Increase initiation and duration of breastfeeding
    • Encourage physical activity
    • Support early physician care and use of health services
    • Enhance social and community support
    • Enhance positive parenting skills