Mothering with Confidence and Joy!!

Are you experiencing the wear and tear of motherhood?

Come and enjoy a fun evening out with crafts, snacks and great company!

BEST Moms exists for moms to connect and share the challenges and joys of mothering so that we might be encouraged and empowered for the journey ahead.

As moms we often find ourselves on the bottom of our priority list.  But when a mom cares for herself, she increases her ability to love and nurture her child and is less likely to be overwhelmed with the pressures of everyday life.

At BEST Moms the focus is you.  Give your family a gift… be the BEST you!

The BEST Moms Program is offered free of charge in the entire Tree House region and happens approximately once every 6 weeks. Sessions are made up of the following components and can focus on parenting, healthy living, self-care and crafts!

  • Be the best YOU
  • Energize be HEALTH-wise
  • Skills for effective parenting
  • Try something new!

Moms interested may contact the Parent Program Coordinator @ 1-866-635-5808 or

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